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Electronic monitoring using GPS tagging, a condition of bail

The tag is primarily used to abridge the freedoms of under-trial prisoners who have been ordered to be released on bail. It uses methods that include managing the return of under-trial prisoners into communities while deterring reoffending. When an under-trial prisoner is released on bail on the condition of tagging, the tag sends signals to a satellite 24 hours a day, and the system records the location of the tag, which helps monitor the location of the under-trial prisoner.

Electronic tags have been a key part of the criminal justice system for many years all over the world. Since the mid-1980s, the United States has been using it in its criminal justice systems, and the UK and some other commonwealth countries have been using it since 2003.

I hope our Indian government will try to take advantage of this technology in our criminal justice system, which can reduce the number of prisoners in overcrowded jails.

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