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Section 13(B) of the Hindu Marriage Act  and High Court Video Conferencing in Courts Rules - Divorce by mutual consent and Appearance of parties through video-conference

Updated: Jun 15

S. Bhuvaneswari Vs. Mr. Harihara Venkataraman Balasubramanian -Date of Order : 17.10.2023 :-

The Hon'ble High Court held that ---- It is made clear that in a petition filed u/s. 13(B) of the Hindu Marriage Act, through the authorized power agent of the parties for mutual divorce, the appearance of the parties is not necessary.


The High Court - allowing the revision, the Family Court was directed to receive the divorce petition through the power agents and dispose the same after ascertaining the consent of the parties (who is in the U.S) through video-conferencing.

It is also made clear that the issue before this Court is between a husband and wife, and not against third parties, the dispute to be resolved by hearing the parties through videoconferencing.

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