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Being a leading law firm, we provides affordable innovative legal advice and solutions to individuals and businesses. Our practice areas include Family Law: Divorce, Maintenance, Custody of Child, Criminal law: CBI Cases, NDPS, PC Act, NI Act, Penal Code etc, and Property Disputes: Recovery, Eviction, Possession, Declaration etc., and Arbitration matters. Our experienced team of local lawyers is committed to providing personalized and effective representation to our clients.


  • Family Law: Divorce, Maintenance, Custody etc.

  • Criminal Law: CBI Cases, NDPS, PC Act, NI Act, Penal Code etc.

  • Property Disputes: Possession, Eviction, Declaration, Injunction etc.

  • Contract Law: Specific Performance, Cancellation, etc

  • Arbitration

Our Vision

Baljinder Singh & Associates - Advocates, as elite law firm Delhi, helps clients anticipate what is next and navigate a path of success.

With a proactive and agile approach, we listen to your priorities and help you navigate a complex landscape with creative solutions to the most difficult problems. 

Our practice brings together a team with a proven track record of leading high-stakes matters. We are the first call for clients because we consistently implement innovative strategies, handle complex investigations and secure significant trial victories for our clients.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can assist you.

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